Punjabi JUTTI,Mojari Shoes, Indian Ethnic Shoes, Women Mojaris,/ Khussa

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Jutti is another example of rich Indian culture, heritage and artisan ship.
• Inherently, Jutti/mojari, was extremely popular amongst the kings and the queens who belonged to the richest era of Indian history.
• Punjabi Juttis were originally made out of pure leather. Today, fine embroidery, pearls, beads, and stones have been used to give the Juttis a touch of elegance along with the essence of true Indian tradition.
• You can wear it from day to day wear, weddings, religious occasions, to parties and festivals. It provides an essential ethnic appeal to the person wearing them.
• Juttis are part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings. Unembellished /printed juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women while beaded/embellished/embroidered juttis are perfect for wedding, festivals and parties.
• A pair of Jutti is unidirectional i.e. they have no left and right distinction and over time take the shape of the foot.
• A Jutti is inevitably flat-soled with a close upper sewn to it keeping it really light weight.
• Vegetable tanned leather is used for jutti making.
• The upper section of the jutti (known as Panna) is made of a single piece of leather or textile- embellished and embroidered with beads, bells, mirrors and other adornments. The bonding of the upper and back (known as Adda) to the sole (known as Talla) is done by cotton thread which is environment friendly.


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