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Product Description
Tribal silver choker/Indian jewelry/Indian ethnic /silver necklace/banjara tribal necklace/oxidized metal necklace/boho/bib necklace.

Handmade item
Material: metal alloy/German silver/Oxidized.
Ships worldwide from United States

Oxidized silver is silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. It is different from traditional silver because it is a darker color and has very little luster

Pure silver must generally be polished and cleaned on a regular basis to keep it from becoming tarnished. It should not be placed in areas where it will be exposed to large amounts of oxygen and should be taken care of in special silver storage containers. Oxidized silver will not be affected by the tarnish and the tarnish will allow the silver to take on a more oxidized work. Oxidized silver does not have to be polished or cleaned and can generally be left in any type of environment.
Pure silver is found only in the ground and is not combined with other elements to make pieces of jewelry or home decor items. It is the most reactive silver and will tarnish more quickly.

OXidized silver is the most popular and common type of silver found in jewelry and home decor. It is combined with other metals to help prevent it from tarnishing. OXidized silver is much harder than pure silver and is able to stand up to daily use.
Vendor : Sarang

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