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About Us

Who We Are

Handpicked collection of clothing and handicraft
The journey of Sarang Boutique began in the city on Muzaffarnagar, India about 30 years back. We were constantly hearing from our customers their stories of their unparalleled satisfaction with our products. This encouraged us to open stores in Gurgaon, India and Folsom, US. Our online store opened in 2010 and since then we have been trying to give best user experience in online shopping across the globe. 

What We Do

Based on our experience and feedback from customers, we work with our vendors and artisans to come up with items which are unique and connect them to the spirit of India.

What We Sell

Sarang means “all colors” and our goal is to capture the colors and vibrancy of Indian culture in our products. The dresses and handicraft we sell gives a unique experience to our customers and bring them close to the spirit of Indian culture.